As Spoonflower continues to grow, we are dedicated to caring for our environment and building a business for the long haul. 



We endeavor to foster and serve a community that connects designers, makers, and entrepreneurs locally and globally.


We invest in sustaining a healthy environment by working to reduce our ecological impact and the amount of waste we produce. 

We started our own company garden that many employees even utilize in their salads.

Our break rooms are full of cloth napkins, reusable silverware, and dishware.

Reduce Waste

We seek ways to reduce and reuse our waste in everything we do, from recycling and composting in our office to our remnant donation program.

Since 2015, we've diverted over 2,700  pounds of waste from the landfill to our compost.

Our compost created enough soil to plant 1,400 tomatoes!

The fabric that doesn’t meet our standards never makes it to the landfill. It can be shredded or donated to the Triangle community, encouraging creativity and upcycling! The shredded fabric is used for industrial applications like car upholstery and furniture stuffing, bedding, and flooring.

ImpactReduce WasteEco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Print Process

Our printing process consumes no water, uses non-toxic inks, and wastes less fabric than traditional methods by only printing each customer’s order.

The World Bank estimates almost 20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles.

Our printers are an eco-friendly solution in the textile printing industry by eliminating energy and water consuming steps, and using 100% biodegradable inks.

Since we print only what you order, there’s no leftover printed fabric that we can’t use.

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Small BusinessesOutreachDonations

Small Businesses

Spoonflower provides a platform for independent designers to share their designs and supplies small businesses with fabric printed to suit their specific needs. 

Spoonflower celebrates individual creativity and expression by enabling anyone to create their own custom design.

Designers have the ability to add items to the marketplace, allowing their work to be purchased by the Spoonflower community.

All customers, including business owners, have the choice to order custom fabric without any minimum yardage requirements.


We connect with our local community by offering tours and educational opportunities as well as hosting crafting events.

We are always welcoming anyone to visit and take a tour of our printing factory and get an inside view of how we operate.

We offer monthly events in our community space, The Greenhouse, including crafting events for adults and kids alike that utilize our remnant fabrics.

Our online blog is full of DIY crafts, Spoonflower designer interviews as well as digital pattern making resources.


We support our community through volunteerism and giving.

Since 2015, Spoonflower has donated over 2,500 yards of fabric to the Triangle community, including The ScrapExchange, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and PlayMakers.

Our employee-led Blankets for Good project reuses our remnant fabric to serve those in need, by sending blankets to nonprofits around the world.

The Emerging Designer Grant was created to support undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of textile and design degrees worldwide. Spoonflower offers this award on a monthly basis to inspire students and increase awareness around digital printing.


We strive to empower our employees, support their growth, and create a working environment driven by creativity, resourcefulness, and fun.

Technical Career DevelopmentEmployee DevelopmentCore Values

Technical Career Development

We commit to sharing our knowledge and resources whenever possible, advocating for crafting, coding, creativity, and business.

Spoonflower is a long time sponsor and supporter of Redress Raleigh, a nonprofit aimed at educating the impact of fashion and providing sustainable designers an opportunity to showcase their work.

We host and teach at TechGirlz events, a nonprofit that organizes free events geared toward young girls interested in STEM fields.

Spoonflower sponsors Girl Develop It, a nonprofit that provides affordable programs for adult women interested in learning web and software development in a judgment-free environment.

Employee Development

We invest in one another through creative and robust opportunities for training and learning across all departments.

Through our unique “Summer of School” program, we provide refresher training and new development opportunities to our Operations team -- and to any Spoonflower employee who wishes to participate.

We believe that Spoonflower knowledge and experience directly benefits the ongoing success of the company, therefore we promote heavily from within.

We support an internal internship program that has a dual purpose: first, expose an employee to a new department to encourage their interests, and second, provide hands-on development training that may result in a new position within Spoonflower.

Core Values

Spoonflower’s core values of creativity, resourcefulness, authenticity, fun and trust made us one of Triangle Business Journal’s best places to work in 2015.

Each year, we encourage employees to explore design themes in our annual Staff Challenge; the winner receives a fabric deer head from 
Near & Deer.

Since 2016, we have offered our employees paid time off dedicated to volunteering at any location of their choice.

Spoonflower supports spring outings, holiday parties, and lots of opportunities for employees to engage with one another outside of work in order to deepen our relationships with one another.

Sustainability at Spoonflower